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When we take the decision to translate a website we have to take into account some factors to bring the new project to succes. Some of the first questions we face are: What are the target languages we translate the website to? Where do we start? Who do we contact? In order to answer these questions we must first address the following questions: what is purpose of the translation?, to whom is the website, and therefore the translation, targeted? Is it targeted to one or more international markets?


Internet has become an essential commercial channel in recent years and is on track to become the most important in a short time. A website, in any of its formats (portal, virtual store, platform, ...), is the tool we use in this commercial channel to reach our customers, suppliers and who wants to know more about us.

Nowadays, it is already channel of commercial transactions, communication, publicity, promotion and learning, among others. Through this channel, a product or service can reach any corner of the world. Companies can, therefore, multiply their benefits.


English is the lingua franca on the internet. However, not all users have knowledge of this language. In order to reach the markets adequately, it is necessary not only to present the product or service in the user's language, but also to adapt to their culture.

If it is about translating a virtual store, the cultural adaptation should be high since users prefer to buy in their native language better than in a second language, such as English. It goes beyond, not only gives them confidence to buy in their own language, but also to use expressions and cultural codes specific to their region. Therefore, in this case, even if customers or potential clients have knowledge of English, sales will be increased if the product is presented in its own language.

In the case of a large company offering products or services with a less personal charge (financial services, for example) a neutral version of a common language can be chosen to target wider markets, for example Spanish for Spain and Latin America or English for Great Britain, the United States and Australia. Although there are cultural differences between these countries, a high cultural adaptation in translation would not be necessary for financial products.


In conclusion, to decide into which languages ​​our website should be translated we will have to weigh many factors. If we translate into a single language, for example, English, we can find a professional translator to do the job. However, when we need to translate the website into more than one language, it gets more complicated.

Translation Project Management is a professional field dedicated specifically to coordinate effectively and efficiently the tasks and available resources in order to obtain professional results: search and hiring of professional translators and experts with the appropriate profiles for the project, quality control of translations and its processes, delivery before or on the deadline.

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